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★★★★★ “Just when I thought I found my favorite Emmanuelle Snow book, she writes words like those and I fall in love with another one.”

★★★★★ “It’s a beautiful duet. It really is, and I could not recommend it more highly.”



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A story of second chances and new beginnings.

Dahlia Ellis's life is finally making sense again when Nick Peterson stumbles into her shop by mistake, shattering her plans and stealing her heart. Behind his charming smile lies broken memories and a shattered heart. Their growing friendship is something neither of them has planned for, but it’s also the best thing that has happened to them in a long while. The more time they spend together, the more they realize their meeting is life offering them a new chance at happiness. Nick’s heart has been bruised too many times already. When a new event breaks it to pieces, he turns to the one person who has experienced heartbreak and can help him get through his. As their scorching chemistry ignites, Dahlia finds herself falling fast and hard for the stranger she never saw coming. As she grapples with her own fears, she must decide if the man who checks all the boxes on her perfect guy list is worth the risk of loving again.

Can Nick and Dahlia’s burgeoning relationship withstand the ghosts of their pasts, or will Nick's hidden scars prove to be too deep to heal?

 Beautiful Salvation is book two in the Second Tear duet. This is the conclusion to Nick and Dahlia’s beautiful and heartbreaking love story. It begins where Cruel Destiny ends.

*Due to mature subject, this book is only suitable for people over 18 years of age.
Excerpt (Beautiful Salvation)

“Fuck, Dahlia. I’m not sure I want to be your friend anymore.”

Hurt flashed in her eyes. Replacing the intensity that had been burning there all night. “W-why not?”

“Because I wanna kiss you so bad.”

Her voice became a throaty whisper. And it tampered with my agonized cells. “We already kissed. Many times.”

“Dahlia, friends aren’t supposed to kiss each other. Not the way I am itching to. Not how I intend to. It’s not in the rulebook. I checked. Believe me, I’m sure. And you here, right now, all beautiful and sexy, it’s playing with my sanity.” I paused to breathe properly. “Big fucking time.”

The breathless murmur of her voice trembled. “You do? You did? The thing is”—she inhaled—"maybe it’s time to change the rules. Nick, we’ve played long enough. I’m a mess because I think about you kissing me this way all the time. I do.”

Pure unleashed electricity traveled through my veins. My entire body ignited on learning about the depth of her desire, each atom of my being on high alert.

My cock twitched in my pants just at the thought of her lips on mine and mine all over her soft flesh.

The woman was like a drug. She got me addicted to her essence with just a glance my way. And now I was a junkie craving her.

Dahlia’s sharp intake of breath commanded my undivided attention.

“Kiss me, Nick. Like you mean it. Like you want to. Like I belong to you.”

She nibbled her bottom lip and molded her upper body to mine. Each thump of her heart reverberated through my chest.

She captured my eyes. And I lost the battle in me.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

"Formerly Whiskey & Country, now Beautiful Salvation, the second half of the Second Tear duet.

Book 3 in the Carter Hills Band series, and the second flash-back book giving us more about Delilah’s history. Book 2 (Princess and Country) is her and Carter’s friendship and growing up, and her and Jeff’s (Carter’s brother) love story, and the tragedy that happened here. This book is how she carries on, her and Carter and her son Jack and how their family continues living, and how she moves on with her life after having loved the way she did. She meets Nick when he shows up at her new shop one day, “by accident “.

Nick himself is reeling after a huge loss - which is actually the first third of the book - finding himself and who he is and where he truly belongs. He ends up being sent by a friend to a small town to take a construction job for the friends dad, and that is where he spots Delilah. He doesn’t recognize her as the rockstar he’s been interested in, at first.

With their shared similar pasts, the pair bonds, much to Carter’s dismay - but with Emmanuelle’s typical amazing writing, she is able to write such a great plot and so many twists (some really exciting things you could never imagine!), keep your interest the entire time - I was glued to my Kindle the whole 600 pages! - and not let you down from the adrenaline high between the chemistry, the steam, the unexpected turns!

A definite recommendation, but you will want to read the two previous books in the series first, to understand the background.

Thank you, Emmanuelle, for an ARC copy of Whiskey and Country! Everything here is my honest review and feedback."

Amanda Glaeser

Right off the bat, you're hit with so many emotions, you can't stop yourself from tearing up and the tears keep coming throughout the book. Emmanuelle has a way with words, making you feel like you're part of the story, going through the rollercoaster of emotions with her characters.

My heart broke and bled for Nick. This man has lost so much in such a short period of time. The minute something good comes into his life, it's taken away and you can't help but feel for him. What did this amazingly sweet man do to have all this loss in his life.

Like with all her books, Emmanuelle's characters get their HEA but first they must go through heartbreak and loss. If you want a book that makes you feel alive, Whiskey and Country is it.

Sara Jacobs

"Fair warning. Make sure you have a minimum of 2 boxes of Kleenex next to you throughout this entire book. Also, do not read right before or during your period; not the best idea. I had to stop reading this book so many times the first 6 chapters because I had to dry my tears, blow my nose, and get my composure back. Now, I do not say this to make you turn and run because this book...OHMYGOD... was by far even better than the first two in this series. Which, is hard for me to type that, but honestly this is the first book in such a long time to make me cry so hard, but fall so hard for the people in the book. The way Emmanuelle writes makes me feel as though I am a part of their story. These characters have taken up a huge part of my heart. These books have completely crushed me and put me back together. I wish that I could forget I ever read these books, just to read them newly again. I can't wait to continue this series!!


This story healed my broken heart after Princess ans Country. It was beautiful to watch the characters bond over tragedy and create a loving relationship. Despite more heartbreak in this book, the love and journey of the characters was enough to make it a truly beautiful read

Megan Klose

Nick has just lost someone close to him and ends up in the small town of green mountain TN. There he meets Dahlia. The two have a good chemistry together and I loved watching them form a bond together. The story of these two never seemed rushed and I loved how it developed. Fully enjoyed from start to finish.