Emmanuelle Snow's Playlists

Did you know each book comes with a curated playlist to enhance the reading experience?

Fall in love with those characters and those stories all over again through music.

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Carter Hills Band series

False Promises  Listen here >>> Playlist 
Heart Song duet   Listen here >>> Playlist   
(including BlindSided + ForeverMore)

Whiskey Melody series

Sweet Agony  Listen here >>> Playlist 
Second Tear duet  Listen here >>> Playlist
(including Cruel Destiny + Beautiful Salvation)
BreathLess duet   Listen here >>> Playlist 
(including Wild Encounter + Brittle Scars)   

Upon a Star series

Last Hope  Listen here >>> Playlist 
Midnight Sparks Listen here >>> Playlist

Love Song For Two series

Lonesome Heart duet  Listen here >>> Playlist 
(including Fallen Legend + Rising Star) 
Two of Us duet  Listen here >>> Playlist 
(including SnowBound + Broken Link)

Wrecked series

Cast Away  Listen here >>> Playlist