Trigger Warnings


My books are realistic and emotional love stories. Some topics could be sensitive for certain readers since they are portrayed as close to real life as possible.

I’ve listed the potential trigger warnings for each title below.

Be advised that those trigger warnings could potentially be spoiler alerts for the storylines.

Those sensitive topics have been written with the utmost care and respect. Please reach out if you have questions or comments. 

If you feel overwhelmed, sad, or angry, please talk to someone. Don’t keep it all in. Mental health mattered.

All books contain sexuality, mature content, and language not intended for people under 18 years of age.

For other readers’ sake, please avoid spoilers in your reviews.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Carter Hills Band series

False Promises

– Manipulation;

– Grief;

– Abusive relationship.

Heart Song duet

(including BlindSided + ForeverMore)

– Depression;

– Grief;

– Mention of suicide.

Whiskey Melody series

Sweet Agony


– Grief;

– Unplanned pregnancy.


Second Tear duet 

(including Cruel Destiny + Beautiful Salvation)

– Grief;

– Child with sickness.


BreathLess duet 

(including Wild Encounter + Brittle Scars)

– Depression (mention);

– Post-partum depression;

– Childhood drama (no violence).


Upon a Star series

Last Hope

– Domestic abuse.

Midnight Sparks

– None.

Love Song For Two series

Lonesome Heart duet 

(including Fallen Legend + Rising Star)

– Parents’ abandonment;

– Age-gap relationship.  


Two of Us duet 

(including SnowBound + Broken Link)

– Unplanned pregnancy;

– Women shelter;

– Single mother.

Wicked Love

– Age gap;

– Forbidden romance;

– Parental body shaming.


Wrecked series

Cast Away

– Grief;

– Mental health awareness.


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