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The guy I met one night as we were both stranded in an airport and wished I'd meet again is standing in front of me.

For years, I've rehearsed what I would tell him if we'd ever meet again. And now that life finally put us on each other's path after all this time, I don't know what to say.

Til this day, our night together is still the best night of my life, but a lot has happened since we walked away from each other that morning. I'm not the same Abby I was back then. And I doubt he's still the same Anderson Ford, rock star to be, I remember.

As secrets are exposed and we just learned we'll work together, we gotta figure out how to juggle our new reality. Together. After going through the hardest years of my life, I've finally bounced back and I'm aiming for my dreams. I'm not ready to lose them all. But I'm not ready to lose him either. One was one too many times already.

Can we learn to be in each other's life and make it work in the long run, or was our love story doomed from the start?

Broken Link is book two in the Two of Us duet and part of the Carter Hills Band universe. It is book four in the Love Song for Two series. Must be read after SnowBound. 

Excerpt (Broken Link)

The early morning sunrays hit my eyelids and I cracked my eyes open. Last night bar hopping had left me with a pounding headache and a putrid taste in my mouth.

Joe appeared over me and tossed me a bottle of painkillers before handing me a green potion that seemed all but edible. “Drink this,” he said.

“Hard pass. I don’t trust the color. My stomach isn’t made of steel. By the look of it, it will end up either on the floor or inside the toilet bowl. You can have it. My treat.”

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