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Star quarterback for our high school team, I was at the top of my game. Everyone wanted a piece of me. Except the one person I wanted to give all of me to.

Straight A student, Melinda Shepard had no interest in me or my football glory.

I asked her to kiss me five years ago and that didn’t end well. In fact, she ran away from me. Yeah, the rejection stung.

The truth was that my heart still belonged to her all these years later. She just had no idea yet. Until one day I decided I would up my love game and prove to her we were meant to be. I had one year to come up with a brand-new playbook to seduce her.

Now older and more focused, I have one chance to get it right. After I ask her on dates over and over again and she turns me down more times than I can recall, she takes faith into her own hands. Now I’m the one left speechless.

Never had I imagined convincing the girl of my dreams to give me a chance would turn out to be the hardest play of my life.

KickOff is book one in the Touchdown series. It’s a spinoff from the Wrecked series.
Excerpt (KickOff)

“You did what?” I asked, barely able to contain my surprise as Paige told me all about the last month of summer vacation.

We were sitting in loungers around the pool in my backyard, sipping on iced tea Mom made earlier and letting the late summer sunrays warmed up our skin.

“Shh,” my best friend said, a finger pressing against her lips. “Don’t shout it out for everyone to hear.”

I cupped my mouth. “Huh, sorry.” We both bust out laughing. “Seriously,” I whispered, “I can’t believe you did that? How was it?”

Paige flushed. “Awkward at first. But once I relaxed, it felt awesome.”

“Who are you and what have you done with my shy best friend?”

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