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What it includes

A total of 8 interconnected books in the Carter Hills Band universe at an exclusive discount price.

Emotional love stories that will play with every string of your heart.

All books are part of the same interconnected world. And you get both books in duets so no cliffhangers.

1. False Promises;

2. Sweet Agony;

3. Cruel Destiny (book #1 in the Second Tear duet);

4. Beautiful Salvation (book #2 in the Second Tear duet);

5. Wild Encounter (book #1 in the BreathLess duet);

6. Brittle Scars (book #2 in the BreathLess duet);

7. Fallen Legend (book #1 in the Lonesome Heart duet);

8. Rising Stars (book #2 in the Lonesome Heart duet);

Read in suggested order above.

*Due to mature subject, most books are suitable for people over 18 years of age.


Carter Hills, Dahlia Ellis, and Sam Stevens are topping the musical charts worldwide. But when personal circumstances forced them to make a choice, they'll have to decide if music is their true passion or of they should follow their hearts elsewhere.

Follow them in False Promises, Fallen Legend, and Sweet Agony, three interconnected standalone novels part of the Carter Hills Band Universe.

Riley Burns is Carter Hills Band's manager extraordinaire. When secrets are revealed and the mysterious woman he met a year earlier come knocking on his door one night, Riley must decide where his loyalty stands.

Meet Riley Burns in all the book form the Carter Hills Band Universe, and in his own story, Last Hope.

Aisha Jones has everything she's ever wished for. The only things she can't get is true love. After being left at the altar, she now refuses the open her heart to anyone. As she escapes the holidays and flies to a remote island, she's forced to face her worst fears. Could the mysterious stranger she meets help her put the past where it belongs?

Meet Aisha Jones on her perfect non-Holidays vacation that is nothing like she predicted in Midnight Sparks.

Sam Stevens's wife left one night. She packed her bags and disappeared, leaving her family behind. Now single dad, Sam forfeited all his dreams and musical career, trying to juggle his broken heart and his family life. Until his best friend makes a proposition he can't refuse. Go back on tour and get a new album out. There's one problem. Sam has to agree to let Madison, the younger nanny who slipped under his skin without a warning, be part of the new adventure. Luckily for him, no matter the chemistry they share, Madison is there for the job, not to fall in love. Can Sam survive the proximity they'll share and keep things professional.

Meet Maddison, Sam and his adorable daughters, in Fallen Legend and Rising Star.

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