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★★★★★ "The love that grows, not only through tough angst but through unconditional moments had my heart. This is a spicy and riveting book"

★★★★★ “Emmanuelle Snow doesn't just tell a story, she creates an entire world."



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Fallen Legend is a poignant and uplifting journey of hope, love, and the power of second chances.

Music legend Sam Stevens had it all, until his wife unexpectedly walked out on him, leaving him alone to raise their two young daughters. Heartbroken, bitter, and forced to abandon his music career, Sam struggles to balance single parenting and his new reality. When an opportunity to reignite his music career emerges, Sam must face a pivotal choice: Embark on a six-month tour across the country while entrusting his children's care to someone else or forfeit his dreams forever.

Enter Madison, a young nanny, who isn’t repelled by his grumpy disposition. When she meets Sam, their worlds collide in unexpected ways. Despite his resistance, he can't help but be drawn to her charm and the fact that she loves his daughters as her own. With her sunny disposition, Madison Prescott brings a breath of fresh air to the Stevenses’ lives. And to Sam’s guarded heart. But behind her contagious optimism, she hides secrets that have shaped her into the woman she is today. Secrets she’s not ready to reveal just yet.

As they navigate their complicated feelings, will they be able to ignore the chemistry that sizzles between them?

This is a story of two souls learning to trust again in the face of past pain and new beginnings.

Fallen Legend is book one in the Lonesome Heart duet. This is the introduction to Sam and Madison’s soulfully beautiful love story.

*Due to mature subject, this book is only suitable for people over 18 years of age.
Excerpt (Fallen Legend)

My nails dug trenches in my palms, drawing pinpricks of blood, but I would keep my composure.The lump in my larynx rubbed against the chaffed walls of my throat.

I reeled in some of my wrath and tried another approach. My voice a ragged whisper. But calmer this time.

Putting my pride to rest. And urging my sanity to stay in the game.

“Lisa, you can’t be serious. Listen, there must be something I can do. Can we talk about it first? And what about the kids? How am I going to explain it to them? We’ll get help. You can’t just leave like this.”

No emotions, rather not the ones I wished to see, crossed her hardened features. No I’m-having-second-thoughts. Or you-might-be-right-we’ll-get-help.

My wife had turned into a stony version of herself.

Hoping the pain would numb the one ripping my chest in two, I tugged the roots of my hair. How could I have been so clueless about the woman I’d been married to for the last four years?

She pushed another shirt into her bag, ignoring my words.

Maybe I could reach out to the mother inside her.

“Lisa, your leaving will fuck them up for the rest of their lives. Abandoning your own children, really? That’s not what motherhood is all about.” I halted and turned around to face the woman, who I thought I knew so well, zipping up her royal-blue suitcase. The one that had traveled around the world with us for years. Yeah, what a joke.

She raised her gaze finally, and I saw determination pass through her eyes this time. She wasn’t doubting her decision to walk away from us. Her family. I studied her for a minute, wishing I could see tears glistening somewhere in them. Or regret marring her features. But there were none.

She was done.

When did my wife harbor a rock in place of her heart?

“Is it about the miscarriages?” I asked, praying she’d say yes and that I could call her doctor and set up an appointment to discuss her psychological distress. “I know how difficult it’s been on you. But it’s been hard on me too. We can get through this. Together. We’re a good team. We love each other.”

Lisa sighed and shook her head, her eyes still showing no sign of hurt. Or sadness. Or anything. “That’s the thing, Sam. I don’t love you. I did. Once. But both miscarriages were eye-opening. I need to find myself. I’m twenty-eight. For the last six years, I’ve followed you around the globe. I liked that. For the last four, I’ve played wife and mommy. And I enjoyed it. At some point. But being a parent is your thing. We had babies because you wanted to be a daddy. I never asked to be a mother. In all honesty, I thought it’d grow on me.” She shrugged. “But it didn’t. I crave fresh air. To be free to do whatever I want. Whenever I want it. And being a parent isn’t just what I hoped it’d be. I’m sorry, but I’m over it.”

I blinked. What? Was she serious right now? She’s over it?

I was having one of those crippling nightmares that felt too much like reality. This was it. No woman in her right mind would say such horrible things about her own children. About her family.

Her flesh.

Her blood.

My Adam’s apple bobbed, and bile rose in my throat. Tinted with disgust. And disdain.

My wife was delusional.

Who should I call to get her some help?

Could her state of mind be ruled a mental breakdown? Did she require psychiatric professionals? Or a vacation? She looked sane.

Lisa smiled at me as if quitting on us was just a daily occurrence and not something about to wreck our entire world.

My shoulders fell, and so did my heart. I inched closer when she moved to her feet.

“Can we talk about this? Please. You owe me that. We’ve been through so much together. Did you forget everything?” I asked, forcing my voice to sound even, trying my best to keep my anger under wraps.

She offered me another twist of her lips. She looked diabolical. Who was this woman? Where did my wife go?

“I owe you nothing, Sammy. The ride has been fun, but I’m not playing this family game anymore. I’m out. Oh, and I’ll send you the divorce papers in a week or two.”

My eyes sprang wider.

What the actual fuck.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Formerly Legend and Country (Carter Hills Band 7), now part 2 of the Lonesome Heart Duet.

I absolutely adore Emmanuelle Snow - all of her books (I’ve read all 7 Carter Hills Band series now), and her as a person. She’s just so incredible! A brilliant author (amazing!), and such a kind and beautiful person.

Legend and Country - WOW! This one has so much depth, so many layers and emotions … so much going on here. It really needs all 580 pages for you to experience everything and heal along with the characters.

Sam, musician extraordinaire (nickname “Legend”, formerly friend of the Carter Hills Band, and who we know from previous books, a tiny bit), left the country music scene when his wife left him and his two very young daughters because being a wife and mom just wasn’t for her, leaving behind three broken people.

Fast forward two years, and Riley (manager), who we know and love from the previous books, tries to bring Sam back from the depths of depression and barely surviving, by getting him to think about getting back into music and touring again, with a nanny he’s heard of. Enter Madison… who changed everything, even though she’s had a hard life, and things continue being extremely difficult with twists that no one could have ever predicted (because every Emmanuelle Snow book has to have extreme circumstances that bring out all the tears, even for this non-emotional reader, and that’s just life)!!

It’s absolutely incredible, heart-wrenching, a tearjerker (get your tissues, chocolate and wine ready!), and you won’t want to put it down so make sure you have a really long block of time free. One of her absolute best, and one of the very best books around, and probably of this whole year (yeah, I know it’s only January)!

I received an advance review copy from the author, and this is my honest feedback.

Tanja OMGReads's review

Sam »the legend« Stevens has had his entire world destroyed when his (ex) wife walks out and leaves him to raise their 2 girls.

He's closed off and is doing all it takes to make sure his daughters are taken care of. But now the opportunity of a lifetime is presented to him and he wants to take it. Enters Maddie who’s a young girl, who's had a rough childhood and when she's presented the opportunity to work for Sam and help take care of the girls, she's all in. These two have a lot to workout in order to make their relationship work and I'm here for it.

Amanda Glaeser

There's three things you need to know before you start this book.

One: keep tissues near you. You'll need them.

Two: be prepared for a gut punch right off the bat. Emmanuelle starts this book off on a sad note.

Three: do not read this book in public if you blush while reading spicy scenes.

I thought Princess and Country was a tear jerker but Sam's story will shatter your heart and crush your soul. They'll slowly get pieced back together as you learn to love again along with Sam.

I'm giving this book 4.5 stars because in the first few chapters, there's a lot of rambling. However, once you get farther into the book, the story blossoms. Maddie and Sam's story is beautiful. Full of tragedy hope and love. And you can't help but lose your heart to Sam Stevens.

The father.
The man.
The legend.

Sara Jacobs

Emmanuelle has a way of writing characters that are very relatable. I was so immersed in their story. I cried, laughed, got nervous, worried, and sad. All the emotions. Their story was absolutely beautiful. I can honestly say there is not one story or couple I love more than the other because they each have such strong and amazing stories in their own ways.
Emmanuelle writes such strong woman.


** spoiler alert ** LOVED THIS BOOK! Age gap, nanny and single dad (country singer) and a fun story line. I read this book as an ARC and I couldn’t put it down even when I had to. The Country series from Emmanuelle Snow can be read alone or as part of the series.

I fell in love with Maddie and Sam. Sam didn’t know what he needed in his life until Maddie came in as a nanny to his two fun loving, sweet, sometimes devious and moody girls. Right away, Sam knew he was in trouble and had to stay away from Maddie.

When Sam decides to go on tour and relaunch his career, he needs Maddie’s help to get everything together. The playful banter is so much fun to read but get the tissues ready!

Some triggers may apply like adoption, abuse (minimal details) and absent parents.