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What it includes

A total of 11 interconnected books in the Carter Hills Band universe at an exclusive discount price.

Emotional love stories that will play with every string of your heart.

All books are part of the same interconnected world.

1. False Promises;

2. Sweet Agony;

3. Cruel Destiny (book #1 in the Second Tear duet);

4. Beautiful Salvation (book #2 in the Second Tear duet);

5. Wild Encounter (book #1 in the BreathLess duet);

6. Brittle Scars (book #2 in the BreathLess duet);

7. Last Hope;

8. Midnight Sparks;

9. Fallen Legend (book #1 in the Lonesome Heart duet);

10. Rising Stars (book #2 in the Lonesome Heart duet);

11. SnowBound

Read in suggested order above.

*Due to mature subject, most books are suitable for people over 18 years of age.

Look inside (Wild Encounter excerpt)

We ate like royalties. The food was insanely delicious, our wine glasses and tumblers always full.

Addison stared at me from across the table, the blue of her eyes hypnotic. I'd felt the heat of her gaze on me from the moment we sat down. For the last hour, I'd been averting mine, doing my best to avoid locking eyes with her, no matter how tempted I was. Somewhere between the third and fourth course, she rubbed my shin with her foot under the table. I pulled my leg back. No, I wouldn't go there. Not a chance. I was strong. I gave my word to my best friend. Addison was out of reach. And I loved my life way too much to risk Dahlia putting me into an early grave. Way before my time.

With one mission in mind, veering as far as possible from the troublesome maid of honor, I went to the restrooms, needing time to cool down. And give my overzealous teammate a stern talking-to. I usually never backed down from a challenge. Even less, a lady's challenge. I loved women. Always had. A little too much, according to my friends. And I could never stay away if they gave me the come-hither looks. But I didn't do relationships. Never. And I never saw more than one woman at a time. Those were my rules. And to wear a rubber. All the fucking time.

I was freakish about catching some disease or shit. Heard they made your junk red and itchy. No thanks, I'll pass.

In front of the mirror, I adjusted the collar and rolled the sleeves of my Esteban Fu button-up shirt, my everyday go-to clothes and my designer of choice, my jacket already discarded. Yeah, I looked elegant. And fucking hot. I smirked at the image the glass reflected.

Too bad I couldn't use my charm on anybody tonight. I would enjoy a good chase. Get my blood boiling and more. But no, not tonight.

When I exited the men's room, the blonde temptress cornered me, drawing a hand over my chest, her long pink fingernails toying with the buttons of my dress shirt. I held my breath, curious about this encounter. Wearing a steel-blue gown that tied at her nape and ended mid-thigh along with strappy high heels, she looked gorgeous. Even with those extra inches, I towered over her as I watched the goddess in front of me. A star amongst a sea of dark dresses, her blonde hair fell over her shoulders like a radiant aura around her. She sported an intoxicating smile, and her heavy-coated lashes made her irises appear bluer than before. More alluring.

"Tucker, right?"

"Yep," I said. A server walked by and offered me my drink of choice. I accepted and brought the tumbler to my lips, studying her features and the fire in her eyes. "At least it was the last time I checked."

"Oh, a sense of humor. I like that." She laughed and lost her balance on her four-inch heels. I clamped my fingers on her waist to steady her. Something coiled inside me, warming my core where our bodies connected.

"Ooooopsy. So sooorry," she slurred, revealing how drunk she was.

Addison pushed her hair over her shoulder, her smile devilish and enticing.

"Stop looking at me like this, Tuck. I can call you Tuck, right?"

"Guess so," I shrugged, keeping my back straight and doing my best to look unaffected by her antics. I had made a promise to my best friend. And my words counted for something. But Jesus, this woman.

"Anyway, Tuuuck," she said, her voice sultry and sinful, putting emphasis on my name, "just so you know, I'm over men."

Every molecule in me woke up, reacting to the intimacy of her touch. To her tone. And the luring energy emanating from her.

The heat circulating in me reached a searing point.

My grip tightened around the glass in my hand.

"You are?" I asked, my voice a loud growl, my interest in her growing with every passing second.

"Yes," she said with a firm slant of her head. "Men break hearts. No matter how much you love them or how many times you suck their dicks in a week, they always end up breaking your heart." She waved her fingers over me. "This means you too break hearts. I can tell. You have this thing that makes women crave you." She leaned closer and sniffed me. Yes, she fucking sniffed me. I blinked, wondering if Addison was for real or if she was playing a game. "Oh, and you smell too," she added, her voice a whisper against my skin.

With a step back, I lifted my arm blatantly and took a whiff of my armpit, scared I really did smell, then dropped it back down.

"You're crazy, sweetheart. I don't smell."

She scrunched up her nose and sighed, then waggled a finger at my face. "Nooo...not like that. You smell like sex. You probably have a big dick and are very capable with your tongue. Am I right?"

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