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★★★★★ "This is without a doubt Emmanuelle's best work yet!"

★★★★★ "Ms. Snow is the queen of emotions in the romance genre."

★★★★★ "I couldn't put this book down as it was a real page turner and had you on the edge of your seat."



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When an unexpected challenge tests Addison Wilde and Tucker Philips's bond, they must decide if they have the strength to face it together or let it stand between them and shatter their burgeoning relationship.

But when Addison flees, unable to confront her true feelings and the new reality life thrusts upon them, Tucker is left heartbroken. Determined to win the love of his life back, he refuses to accept defeat and devises a plan to sweep her off her feet once and for all.As life tosses them yet another curveball, Addison can no longer hide from her feelings and the truth—she needs Tucker by her side more than ever. But she also needs time to wrap her head around everything.

Now under the same roof, they navigate the complexities of friendship, love, desire, and ambition. As they explore their relationship and dreams, they discover a new level of trust and connection they never thought possible, and their bond transforms from friendship to a soul-stirring love story. When an unforeseen setback leaves their hearts broken and their souls bleeding, their love is tested in ways they never imagined, bringing them close together in the face of adversity.

Will their love endure the trials ahead, or will their unplanned reality tear them apart?

Brittle Scars is book two in the BreathLess duet. This is the conclusion to Tucker and Addison’s wild and heartbreaking love story.


*Due to mature subject, this book is only suitable for people over 18 years of age.

Excerpt (Brittle Scars)


My heart jolted back to life when I opened my eyes and saw him standing there, the trench across his forehead deeper than before.

“Thanks,” I muttered.

“Wilde, enough already. Seriously, you’re starting to freak me out. You almost fainted just about now.” His grip around my waist tightened. His low voice, barely above a whisper, tickled the side of my face. “What’s going on?”

“Food. And water,” I said as he held me up, pressing me against his chest—my safe haven—his heartbeat rocking me to calm. And bringing me much-required comfort. I took a deep breath, hoping to send blood and air back to my brain.

“Come,” Tucker said, his voice reassuring, laced with noticeable concern. “I’ve got you, sweetheart. I’m here. Lean on me.” Never letting go of me, he brought me to a shadowy corner of the yard, where the sunrays couldn’t hit me too hard, and pulled up a chair. “Wait here. I’ll be right back.” He kissed my forehead and hurried away. A tiny piece of my heart healed at how he cared for me, and another one hurt as he put more distance between us. My gaze stayed glued to him. Tension had taken over his upper back, and he kept rubbing his nape as if to loosen the knots that had developed there.

At a distance, he cocked his head, and our stares fused. Even when I tried to avert my eyes, I couldn’t, the magnetism emanating from him powerful and impossible to resist.

Minutes later, Tucker came back with a plate full of finger food and veggies and a glass of water and took a seat facing me. “Here. Eat.”

I nibbled a carrot stick in silence, unsure if my stomach would hold it in, washing the small bites with water.

“How are you feeling? You’re pale. Something is off. Don’t bullshit me.”

I pressed my lips together, avoiding his piercing dark irises.

“What did Dahlia’s mom tell you? You seemed upset after she left.”

“Huh, no. I didn’t—I—it doesn’t matter.”

Tucker lifted my chin with a finger to study me, and my heart rate picked up.

Could he read me as much as I could read him? I glanced down for a long second, praying that he would miss my despair.

Instead of letting it go, he continued, “It matters to me, Wilde.”

I slouched my shoulders as fresh tears prickled the back of my eyes. How could Tucker Philips be so in sync with my feelings? If I wished it hard enough, could I disappear right now?

“Tell me,” he pressed.

I lifted my fleeting gaze to meet his. A don’t-fuck-with-me expression lingered in his dark one. My pulse kicked up another notch. “It doesn’t matter. Really. She talked nonsense.” I shrugged, bringing a stick of celery to my mouth.

“Wilde. What did she say? If it’s nasty, I’ll chase her down. I don’t care how old she is or if her daughter is royalty.”

A tiny smile peeked through, curving my lips. I squeezed his strong forearm, feeling the cord of his muscles twitching underneath my palm.

“Stop. Don’t go all Chicago on Mrs. Ellis. She’s a fan of yours. She couldn’t stop praising you,” I said, avoiding his eyes.

Tucker dipped his head down and searched my face. His voice lowered as he continued, “Then tell me, Wilde. What did she tell you? It affected you, and I won’t drop it.”

I inhaled. I didn’t have to tell him, right? Dahlia’s mama had no idea what she thought she knew. A little what-if hovered over me. And I feared she could be right after all. No, she was wrong. So wrong. But Dahlia’s mama had more experience than I did. Ohmygod. My hands quivered. All the thoughts jumbled inside my head. Tucker moved closer, erasing the distance between our heads, his warm cheek now resting against mine.


His big muscular hand cupped my bouncing knee.

I pinched my lips together. Dahlia and Nick’s wedding wasn’t the time for all the drama.

“Wilde.” Tucker’s voice grew impatient. Insistent.

Why did he have to push the subject?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tanja OMGReads's review

Both Addi and Tucker stole my heart right from the get-go. Their story is filled with ups and downs all of us have to make in order to be happy. When they meet, the spark ignites a blazing fire, and they embark on a journey that will leave your heart broken, sad and feeling like nothing is going to be OK.

But their love is not like any other and despite all the mishaps and trials, it's too strong to let anything stand in their way. They fight together to come out stronger on the other end. I didn't believe that anyone can top Nick and the way he loved Dalia but boy how Tucker proved me wrong. That man deserves everything that Is good in life. Hopefully Addi will be that good for him.


Formerly Wild & Country - Brittle Scars is now part 2 of the Breathless Duet.

I’m so invested in The Carter Hills Band series - and most of these books have chewed me up and barely put the pieces back together after finishing them (especially all of Dahlia’s stories)…. Even saying that, I wasn’t prepared at all this time. The blurb mentions nothing about where it goes, how it turns on it’s axis - there’s a huge plot twist. I’m pretty sure tears were streaming down my face from about 52% until “The End”! Wild is a tame title for Addi and Tuck’s tale.

Be prepared and forewarned - while the first half is fun, flirty, and lighthearted, and the story could come to a close at that point (the halfway mark), Snow writes beyond where the fling might normally conclude and both parties go on their merry ways, and she really digs into the deep issues, feelings and harsh reality of coupled-up life. About what happens when they decide to stick together and truly try to have a relationship after discovering the little accident that happened the night of Dahlia and Nick’s engagement party (when they got black-out drunk…. After betting each other who’d be the first to get a girl back to their room. You know). Even when it comes out not to be the case. Or maybe?

The story continues all the months later as relationships and friendships are truly tested, ups and downs and highs and lows… when the family history of mental illness comes out to haunt and sometimes it’s just too hard to get out of bed and function and do life as an adult and - (here’s the trigger warnings not mentioned anywhere; depression with a family history, parents leaving kids behind, post-partum depression, it all makes for a heck of tear-jerker story). They have to figure out if they can all carry on and stay and try to make it work as a family, after fighting so hard in the beginning. Watch out for your tears with their tears, your low mood and feeling everything they are (mark of great writing to feel all their emotions fully)!

I definitely do recommend this read, especially if you’re a fan of the series. But!make sure you’re in the right mental head space to read the second half about a big struggle with depression before getting into that, first! This is my trigger warning for the second half! First half, fun and light, second half, heavy and gets you in the “feels”!

I received an advance copy from the author and all feedback and review is my honest opinion. Thank you, Emmanuelle!

Sara Jacobs

This book was definitely wild.
I am not sure how Emmanuelle does it, but every character she writes I end up relating to in one way or another.
Addison went through so many heartbreaks and worries and at the end I related with her and what she went through, but Tucker is such an amazing guy (again he is very similar to my husband).
I connected to this book in so many ways, that it got the best of my emotions and the tears flowed.
The chemistry between Tucker and Addison is so strong and nothing to be messed with. The wild girl taming the womanizer. Being able to become close then best friends.
I honestly loved this book way more than I thought that I was going to. I always love an amazing HEA, even when it doesn't seem like it is going to happen.

Amanda Glaeser

This is the spiciest book in the series! Addison and Tucker are explosive together. She's the fire and he's the dynamite.

Addison is the type of friend everyone needs. She's caring and loving with a big heart and even bigger ideas. She's supportive and spontaneous. Always down for a good time or a quiet night watching movies. She's there for you whenever you need help but doesn't always ask for help when she needs it.

Tucker is the type of guy that'll always have your back. He's sweet, organized and a secret romantic. He's there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on or an extra player for poker night. He loves the ladies but loves his friends more and will drop everything to help you out. He may be gun shy in the relationship department but when he finds his one and only, he goes all in.

While the chapters were long and a few felt rushed, Addison and Tucker do go through some real life situations. I don't want to spoil anything but there's one in particular that a lot of couples go through and most don't get the help they need. Thinking that it will go away on its own.

However, between all the spice and heartache, you get to follow two people with broken hearts, learn to heal and love just by getting


Whatva heart-breakingly beautiful story. The journey Addie and Tucjer go on is one for the ages. Their story is beautiful throughout. The humour and comeradery the author creates between them, and the hard topics they face and overcome together just shows that with a love like theirs, they can conquer anything.
My favourite story from this author to date for sure.