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What it includes

The complete Whiskey Melody series at an exclusive discount price.

Emotional love stories that will play with every string of your heart.

All books are part of the same interconnected world.

1. Sweet Agony;

2. Cruel Destiny (book #1 in the Second Tear duet);

3. Beautiful Salvation (book #2 in the Second Tear duet);

4. Wild Encounter (book #1 in the BreathLess duet);

5. Brittle Scars (book #2 in the BreathLess duet);

Read in suggested order above.

*Due to mature subject, most books are suitable for people over 18 years of age.


The Whiskey Melody series is an emotional soulmates romance journey that will break your heart and heal every tear by the time you reach the last page.

Dahlia Ellis had everything. Then she lost everything, including her heart. After her life shatters, she’ll have to re-invent herself in order to heal the scars from her past that keeps her up at night.
Enters, Nick Peterson, a man she never saw coming. Nick has scars of his own and secrets he is trying to put behind him.
As their friendship develops and they help each other out, they are learning to trust love—and life—all over again.

Can Nick and Dahlia both overcome their pasts and find their happily-ever-after, or will their pasts always come back to haunt them?


Whiskey Melody also follows Tucker and Addison’s love journey in Wild Encounter and Brittle Scars

In a world where love is tested by life’s obstacles, Wild Encounter captures the essence of trust, hope, and resilience as two souls navigate the tumultuous journey of fate together. A tale of passion and perseverance that will leave your heart racing and your spirit soaring.

When Chicago native Tucker Philips unexpectedly enters southern girl Addison Wilde’s life at their best friends’ bachelor/bachelorette party, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him, despite her resolve to stay away from men after she got her heart broken more than once. Tucker’s charm and confidence prove to be too alluring for her to resist. Even though she knows he could be her downfall, Addison struggles to fight the fiery attraction between them. Tucker, once a renowned womanizer, slowly becomes her ultimate weakness, challenging her wild spirit and captivating her heart as they embark on an unexpected friendship.

As they navigate unforeseen twists and turns, Tucker and Addison realize they need each other more than they ever imagined and that their attraction could lead to something greater than what they both ever expected. Both of them have been burned by people they loved before, and together, they will need to overcome their fears and learn to be vulnerable if they want a chance at a happily-ever-after.

Can Tucker and Addison move forward from their hurtful pasts and trust each other with their hearts, or will their wild sides and fears stand in their way?
Warning: This series should be read with a box of tissues. (Or two).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love every book in this series

Emotional: check (my god so many tears)
Spicy: check
Great characters: check
Amazing stories: check

Love the bundle price too


If you have to choose pick this bundle vs the dahlia bundle because it includes the entire series and you must read them all. Keep kleenex close by.


good book I love