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Our banter is electric. Fueled by passion and hate. And as intoxicating as our chemistry.

I had one goal: 
Get away from my life for a month.
A cabin in the mountains.

I never expected to run into the one man who would disrupt all my plans. And my heart.

Carter Hills. One person I never thought I would ever argue with in my life. And yet…

I moved next door to him, and soon, he’s everywhere I look. I can’t venture outside without facing his cocky grin. One that should be forbidden around women like me. Single and broken.

The worst is that he hid his identity from me. On purpose.
All this time, I thought my moody, yet hot-as-hell neighbor was just another man crossing my path.

From our first encounter, he’s been doing everything in his power to grate on my last nerve. And he doesn’t even seem to care that I can’t stand him. Because he always comes back for more. Every single time.

Even if I try to keep him at arm’s length, I fail each time. I feel the pull between us. Whenever we stand too close to each other. But pretending the attraction we share doesn’t exist can make it disappear, right?

Is indulging in the fire searing between us and risking being burned worth it, or should I just run away?

BlindSided is book one in the Heart Song duet (actually published as Pink and Country) and is part of the Carter Hills Band universe. It is book two in the Carter Hills Band series. Must be read before Forever More.

*Due to mature subject, this book is only suitable for people over 18 years of age.

Excerpt (BlindSided)

“Freshly showered, I draped a towel around my body and one around my damp hair. Something—or rather someone—caught my eyes outside.

A tall, dark figure stood in front of the large log cabin—the one I thought was a mountain lodge. The man was rummaging through the trunk of a black SUV. Even from a distance, I noticed how handsome he looked.

Longish, disheveled dark hair, a wild scruff, broad shoulders, and high cheekbones. And an ass worthy of a jeans ad.

All male and testosterone-y. Yumm.

I would’ve paid good money to run my fingers over his couple-of-days-long scruffy jaw.

“Hello, gorgeous,” I said to myself. A part of me I’d buried years ago awoke at the sight of him. I grinned. Green Mountain was definitely everything I needed.

My eyes took in the over-the-top log cabin behind him. It screamed money.

Way out of my league.

I wondered if the man was a tenant like me or if he owned the place. Not that it mattered.

Something caught his attention on his left side. He pushed back from the trunk and pivoted on himself. His plaid shirt clung to his chest and his biceps.

A beautiful red-haired woman and a little boy traipsed from down the road, hand in hand, toward him. Handsome picked the boy up and twirled him around. They shared words and laughed hard. Handsome’s arm curled around the woman’s neck, and he pressed his lips to her temple.

Perfect family.

I exhaled with a huff at this sight.

That’s what Travis and I thought we’d have someday.

Life decided it’d never happen for us. A strong pinch tightened my chest.

I’d made my peace about losing Travis, but somehow, seeing these people, all close and happy, played with the strings of my heart. My vision blurred for a second. I blinked, chasing my emotions away.

Handsome turned his head as if he sensed my gaze on him, and his eyes found mine. He stared at me for a second too long, his eyes glued to my face. My mouth went dry. Feeling like a stalker, I moved to the side, away from the window, but the towel around my naked body caught on the window handle and puddled at my feet, exposing my bare chest for everyone outside to see.

“Fuck.” I grumbled and folded my arms over me to hide my nakedness. Handsome’s eyes flared, and the corner of his lips curled into a lazy smile. Exposed, I dropped to my knees on the tile floor, hoping he saw nothing from where he stood. Who was I kidding?

Men had a sixth sense for naked chicks. No way he missed my boobs.

When I raised my head a little to see if he still stood there, Handsome and his perfect family had disappeared inside their cabin.

Warmth pooled in my cheeks. I flashed a stranger. Not just a stranger, but my neighbor. I crossed my fingers, hoping I wouldn’t run into him or his family again in the next month, or I’d die from shame. Me and my clumsy self. Damn it.

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